Pixel Boy Game

Pac Man Ghostly Adventures

If you thought that Pac Man was going to eventually die a death, then think again. Pac Man is no longer just a maze game with the yellow gobbling ball munching fruit, dots, and ghosts. We are talking about a whole new franchise of Pac Man.

Now before you start thinking this must be an old-style Pac Man game, forget it. This is a modern arcade style Pac Man adventure game jam packed with hero and characters taken from a brand new animated series based on Pac Man himself.

In the beginning, Pac man was an arcade game that was simple to play. It was also as addictive as its competing pin ball machines. In fact, it was great how both Pac Man and Pinball back then made the perfect night of entertainment. Now he is a franchise with toys, animated cartoon, and version 2 of Pac Man Ghostly adventures game has hit the online gaming market.

What is the Pac Man Animated Series?

In the animated cartoon series, Pac Man is a young man that has lost his mum and dad to wars against darker evils – they have left him to go and fight in the Pac Universe leaving him alone to defend Pac World from imminent attacks coming from the Nether world. 

Even though this already sounds like a downer – this is an upbeat game.

Pac Man is always hungry as we would imagine from his early days of always eating, dots, fruit and ghosts. However, add burgers, cheese and many other food types to Pac Mans diet because he has an incasable appetite. 

Pac Man Today

Today, Pac Man’s legacy, and franchise, lives on. Not only do people still play the old version of the game, but there is now a kid’s adventure cartoon set in Pac World, and Pac Man has his very own animated game. 

Animated Game

The animated version of the game very different to the original Pac Man maze style game. It is an adventure in a world of ghosts, Pac Mans friends, and a lot of food. In the game you must unlock levels by traversing a map and gobbling ghosts, super-sized dots to gain more points, and an assortment of food. 

Pac Man also comes with special skills just like you would find in any other game based on a character. He can jump, run, attack, and use special attack moves to wipe ghosts and ghost bosses. 


Have you ever heard about Pacman? Who have not?! It is one of the most popular games of its time. Pac-Man was released by Namco. It was first released in arcades then, later on, it became an essential part of video games. It was designed by a set of team members from Japan and was a hit in the first go. More than 350,000 cabinets were sold and they increase the level up by the high score and the ability to play as fast as possible.
Once it got famous it had other versions that came out like Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus, Super Pac-Man, Professor Pac-Man, Pac-Pal, Jr. Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Pac-Mania, Pac-Man Battle Royale etc. The last release of Pac-Man was in 2013 called Pac-Man Champ Mania. When it comes to PC games the last release of 2016 which is said to be Pac-Man Championship edition. The character appeared in more than 30 game spin-off and the highest brand awareness as it is the most renowned character in the world. It is one of the longest-running franchises.

• What exactly is Pac-Man?
Pac-Man is basically a yellow ball-shaped character that munches on white spots in a predefined maze, while all the time avoiding ghosts out to get him. Sometimes he even gets his own back on ghosts when he swallows one of the special large dots which turns the ghosts blue.
• Why was it famous?
Well! Most people say that it was famous cause it happened to be at the right place at the right time. Some people believed that it somewhat related to the real life of people however in a digitalized form. A person like a Pac-Man works for living and eats for living 24*7 however he never stops or relax. More like it was a clear depiction of hell. A man lives life is like the predefined maze in which he keeps on travelling haunted by the ghosts of his past, present and future. The person tries to feed himself on endless thoughts and desires and reaches a point where he is strong enough to suppress his haunting ghosts however as one ghost dies another emerges and a person lives in an endless loop. Pac-Man was said to be a digitalized version of everyday life which made it famous. Also, its visuals attracted the people as it seemed like a next-generation game.
• Do people still play the game?
The answer to this question is that in 2010 the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man was celebrated by Google. Google has done this for the first time that they had dedicated their iconic Google Doodle in the honour of an amazing and most addictive game. As per the data, later on, collected it was revealed that more than 5 million hours were spent by the people to play the game. If you want to try it too then just Google “Pac-Man” and you will get the doodle on top. Still, you are not satisfied then you can play it online via the link below
Google also released Pac-Man maps in order to honour the game. For ages, Pac-Man has been a great Halloween costume as it is forever trendy and it also turned into a cultural icon with the passage of time.

• Mobile apps and downloads for Pac-Man
Pacman is one of the iconic games of all times and it is for any mobile because of its format. In today’s time, anyone can download a free Pacman app which is free and it uses Java that makes it suitable for all the app that is Android, iPhone, Symbian etc. It is really simple and addictive. You can just Google and you will find plenty of apps to download.
There are many who still are engrossed in the game that even the online Casino games like SCR888 there is a slot with Pacman as the main character.
There were many other arcade games such as Galaxian, Galaga and Gaplus. They had complex enemy patterns and the graphics were good. After Pacman games such as Donkey kong and Qix emerged which gave the gamers the leverage to shoot as fast as possible however the addiction of Pac-Man did not change at all.
People still love to play the games which were once popular as no games can satisfy the demand of a classic game. In today’s game, people can resemble a lot of things cause of its high graphics. It is said that if the game is focused on realistic features then it loses its fun element. If a game is made too realistic then it changes the purpose of a good game. It crosses the line between fantasy and reality. Games are usually played to escape from reality.

Pac-Man is simple to play and one does not have to go through any complex study about the game which makes it accessible to any age group and can be played and enjoyed by all. The simplicity of the games also attracts many people. When it comes to high graphic video games one need to study how exactly one should make the character move and once you have figured out that then you need to study how to adjust the focus so that the character can actually look where it is moving. It ensures that you are good at multi-tasking and multi-focused as one needs to move the character and at the same time you need to focus on the vision of the character making it extremely difficult to understand in one go.
In today’s hectic world where one needs to slow down and people look for small happiness, these classic arcade games provide the best escape place. It brings out the inner child and helps us have fun. Everyone needs a break from their hectic lives and gaming gives us a portal to make our mind relax.
Its a game everyone enjoyed in the past and one they still enjoy!

Strategy Games That Are Good for Your Brain

It has long been known that using and challenging your brain helps it to develop and become stronger. This is why strategy games, whether board games, table games and more recently, computer games have always been a popular past-time for men and women across the world.

Pitting your wits against another person forces you to use strategy and foresee what strategy your opponents might be using. The brain becomes engaged and the more you play, the better it becomes and giving you ideas and solutions on the situations the games put you in.

Take a look at some of the more classic strategy games that can be great for your brain:

1.) Chess

Despite being a very old game that looks very simple, Chess is still the master of all strategy games. With just 64 squares on a board and 16 chess pieces for each player, the aim is to take outplay your opponent, taking his chess pieces and ultimately trapping his ‘king’ in such a way that he cannot move anywhere without being killed. Known as ‘checkmate’, it takes a lot of skill to know which chess pieces to move as you go up against your opponent who is trying to do the same thing to you.

Each piece on the board will have its own rules to how far and which direction it can be moved in, which just adds to the overall strategy that is required. Such is the popularity of the game which dates back centuries; tournaments and world championships are regularly contested every year across the globe.

2.) Civilization

From something as old as chess to something created nearly 40 years ago, Civilization is a game which was originally a board game that is now played online. A complex game that takes a lot of skill and strategy to succeed, players are tasked with guiding a civilization from a given era and taking them through the many hardships they face. The ultimate goal is to lead your civilization into prosperity.

Civilization can be played by up to seven players at a time and each game can last for around 10 hours. First hitting computer screens back in 1991, the game has since evolved through the decades and can now be played online with people from all over the world. Whether you have to help a civilization through World War 1, or even help civilizations on another planet, this game is one of the most addictive yet complex games around.

3.) Connect Four

Connect Four is a board game that looks very simple but is actually quite difficult when playing against a good player. Being a board game that was first created back in the 1970’s, Connect Four has survived the generations and is still very popular today. Playing the game involves each player taking turns to drop their colored tiles into one of seven columns. The goal is to be the first player that achieves a line of four vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

Connect Four could be classed as a larger variation of Tic-Tac-Toe and it certainly plays in much the same way. A favorite with children and adults alike, Connect Four is certainly a game that will get you thinking and therefore benefit your brain.

4.) Checkers

Despite the board having a very similar look to that of a chess board, the two games are actually very different from each other. Main differences include players only being able to move their pieces diagonally and ‘capturing’ opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. Each game carries on until one player manages to capture all of their opponent’s pieces.

Dating back hundreds of years, Checkers had its first World Championships back in 1940 and is still competed across other championships across the world today. Additionally, there are many different variations of the game and how it is played, in many countries all around the world.

5.) Shogi

Known as the Japanese version of chess, Shogi is another table strategy game that can be very effective at improving your brain. Generally, the boards will be split into nine fields but as the game has evolved, boards of varying sizes can be used. While the game is very similar to chess in many ways, it does have some big differences such as players can use the pieces of their opponents if they capture them and then promote them to the board.

Dating back to the same period as chess, Shogi is a game that can last for many hours and requires immense strategy skills. Rules are very strict as well, such as if a player makes an illegal move by mistake, rather than being given a chance to correct and make a proper move, they instead lose the game immediately.

6.) Starcraft

Topping our list is a computer game that is very well known over in Asia, StarCraft, a game that has almost become a national past time in countries like South Korea. The logistics of the game itself can be seen in many strategy computer games of today but this was one of the first to really become a huge hit. The idea is that players build up a base, collect resources and train new soldiers and units that they can use to battle their opponents with.

Due to its huge popularity in some quarters of the planet, the game which was originally created in 1998 has regular tournaments being played by professional players that can win large sums of money if they come out on top. People even go to be a spectator at the games in much the same way as they do at sports.

Strategy games will always be a popular thing for people to do, whether you’re a Suduko fan or somebody that loves nothing more than playing Clash of Clans on their mobile phone. We love challenging our mental capacities and feeling the euphoria when we manage to outsmart our opponents – it’s human nature after all.

The variety of online strategy games

The variety of online strategy games

Online strategy games refer to the genre of games that can be played online, and where players are placed in a position where their decision-making skills are put to the test.

The outcome of the game is ideally influenced by the decisions that the player will make along the way. In fact, some of the more sophisticated ones have several side stories and endings, requiring players to go back to previous levels if they want to explore and finish all the quests. There are lots of online strategy games available on multiple sites.

Online Chess

To learn and master chess, you must constantly practice and play with an opponent.

Luckily, you can now do that over the internet. Online chess has made it possible for anyone to learn and become better at the game because it provides the opportunity to play with opponents of different skill levels.

The best thing about online chess is that it lets you play anywhere in the world you might be, and at any time you wish. It has revolutionized the way chess is played. No wonder it has become very popular with enthusiasts from around the globe.

With online chess, you have the chance to play with opponents of any skill level. You could play with people in the same skill level as yours or challenge a more experienced player.

For all you know, you could already be playing with a renowned chess master! Online chess has made it possible for coaches of the game to offer their services more conveniently to anyone who wants to learn.

Chess is a game that can exercise your brain and develop your ability to come up with effective strategies to outsmart your opponent. By training with experienced coaches, you can pick up new techniques and master proven strategies that can help you improve your game.

Learn about the strategies: Chess has some strategies that are tricky and yet easy to master provided you know how to approach them. Chess is more about responding to your opponent’s moves and less about following your initial strategy to its conclusion, no matter the consequences. In chess, you should be able to adjust and vary your moves based on the ones your opponents make.

Online classes make you a master at revising strategies and switching to variations of your original plan, so you do not lose focus of the final objective, i.e. to win.

Online Backgammon

Backgammon is one of the best board games because is very fast and easy to play. If you choose to play the game in the real version or on the Internet, it will give a lot of joy and after one game played without a doubt that you will return for more.

When playing backgammon, online or offline, there are several factors that you have to take into account. A crucial aspect when you play against someone, if you want to obtain a good performance, you have to apply a right backgammon strategy. If you do not play according to a strategy during the backgammon match, there is a big possibility to fail.

When you play against a person, you have to adopt the strategy according to the pace of the game. You can’t jump steps, you have to progress slowly, and in time you will reach the desired result.

You can not play the game with random moves. You have to calculate and study each step that you make carefully and when you are confident about your move, you can proceed in your action. When you play against a tough adversary, you have to be sure about your decisions and try not to be distracted by anything.

During the whole game you have to be very concentrated and be certain that you play according to the right strategy. But before all of this make sure that you fully understood the rules because this is extremely important when you are playing against someone that is very experienced.

Numerous individuals are wondering why they are losing when playing backgammon online. Usually, the reason is the proper strategy was not adopted, and they did not understand the rules completely.

Another aspect which is very important when you play online backgammon is to watch and study very carefully the moves that your opponent is making. This way you will find out what is the strategy of your opponent and you will know what measures to take for beating him and finish the game victorious.

Online Sudoku

Proper use of Sudoku strategy helps the player to savor the game may be along with the sport. Sudoku is a straightforward game which many people have a preference for.

You can quickly learn:-in fact you can learn the way to adhere to only watching someone else playing. But also for one to be considered a good player you have to look out for any Sudoku strategy available. Fortunately, that these strategies are not hard to come by. These tactics will help you solve your Sudoku with ease bringing you feeling of victory and achievement.

Each Sudoku game can be solved with a similar technique, and by playing online Sudoku, you may have the advantage of being able to backtrack your moves a lot quicker than if you were to start out with a pen and use a newspaper Sudoku game.

Here are five simple strategies to help you solve the easy online Sudoku games. If you follow each step carefully, then you will solve the Sudoku a lot quicker.

If you are up to a real challenge, then keep a record of your times and see if your time is improving for each Sudoku that you attempt.

  1. Look at the layout of the numbers in the squares

Each row, column, and 3 x 3 box need to have their own set of unique numbers from 1 to 9. So observe each of the numbers in the series to determine if there are any rows, columns or 3 x 3 squares that have a high amount of numbers already.

2. Look for the possibilities

Imagine that the number 1 fills all the row and columns of the area that has the most numbers, that you observed in the first point above. Try and determine where you can see that only one box is left in the row, column or 3 x 3 square block, then you will know that it is a possibility for you to enter your number 1.

  1. Repeat step 2 for all nine digits

When you understand where to place your first 1, then move on to the other numbers filling the row or columns or 3 x 3 squares until they form the patterns 1 to 9 in each of the row or columns or 3 x 3 squares.

  1. What to do when you find a mistake

It is not uncommon to find that at some point in the puzzle you have allocated more than one digit to a row, column or 3 x 3 square. If this is the case, then you are going to need to back track until you find out where you double allocated the number, and scrub out the numbers that you entered from that point.

It may be easier to identify the row or columns with the double-ups and simply remove the offending numbers from the Sudoku. You can then think through the puzzle again looking at the rows or the columns technique until it becomes clear on where the numbers need to be allocated.

Battle For The Galaxy

Nowadays this game got fame and popularity among the people of all ages. Battle For The Galaxy is played on many forums, but first, you need to create an account for playing this free strategy game. Several types and themes are offered to the players to make their game enjoyable for them.

There are 30 diverse types of an edifice which are used to play free online strategy games. In this creation, a player uses great balls which are made from the mud. He also uses the balls which are made with the cannons. There is a variety of groundbreaking weapons which is mostly utilized in the strategy game.

Most of the modern weapons which are used in these games are several kinds of lasers and other different types of missiles. These all weapons help for self-protection against the additional party which is playing with you in the strategy game.

Online strategy games prove to be extremely important as they provide players a chance to showcase their skills and talents at on a global scale. These games can either be downloaded from the Internet or purchased from dealers or agencies selling the same.

More Games Online

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As a member, you are free to play as much as you like using play chips. What’s more is that there is never a time you need to make a deposit if you do not want to. So you can play free casino games that are very high quality because they are the same games the real money players are playing. Check out this site where you can download and join using the SCR888 android or iPhone download.


Once you have donwloaded the apk, you can sign up for free and have access to over 300 casino games for free. All this is available via mobile play while on the move – such as Android devices as well as all iOS operated devices.

Pixel Boy Game Review on Steam

As we are Pixel Boy Gaming it is high time we blogged about the game we represent. Although we have changed our whole focus to a variety online games, this is the one gamin review you have all been waiting for. We will continue to add more information as we get more comments and requests.

Pixel Boy by Giant Box gamesGiant Box Games

Firstly, a big shout out goes to Giant Box Games who are responsible for creating this amazing adventure game. We will be reviewing the company some more here on Pixel Boy Games in the future. The company have gone from strength to strength and created something that I for one cannot stop playing.

What makes this game design so special is that Giant Box Games have ingeniously created a game that fits into an array genres – meaning it will appeal to a wide audience of gamers. In fact, the more generes you can fir into one game, the more people are inclined to to enjoy new aspects of a game that will open their eyes to other generes – so Pixel Boy game is a big influencer!

An Array of Genres

We couldn’t really decide on one category to put the game in, so here are basically the categories you will find this game placed under:

  • Action
  • RPG
  • Adventure
  • Top-down Shooter
  • RPG
  • Dungeon Crawling

Pixel Boy is an Action RPG Shoot-Em-Up

Themed in a setting that depicts deep and dark dungeons, this is a game that will almost certainly have you hooked. There are literally hours of entertainment packed into this classic dungeon themed adventure.

There are 20 levels with four acts (the ‘acts’ being the big bosses you need to overcome) to navigate to master one Steam Gaming’s most popular shoot-em-games online.

Graphics and Sound Track

Pixel Boy is a top down dungeon crawler which brings a wide variety of enemies and tries to emulate a ‘bullet hell’ experience. Somewhat of low polygon graphics, interactive gameplay, beautiful music and the price of one dollar – sounds like a sick mix to get busy for a few evenings.

6,000 Weapons and Custom Armor

You also get a massive armory of weapons to choose – to be precise, there are over 6,000 weapons in this game – eat your heart out League of Legends and Dota 2!!!

By stacking power ups players will start build up their choice of weapons in no time. The only tough part to this is the decisions you must make to choose the right weapons for each level and situation. You can also customize your own armor to protect yourself from the dangers lurking inside the dungeons of Pixel Boy’s action adventure.

With so many to choose from and to test, you have probably already guessed that this game is stacked with hours of fun.

Countless Enemies to Encounter

One of the most interesting and entertaining sides to Pixel Boy is the sheer number of enemies that you will come across.  A lot of thought and effort has been put into creating a very special type of game whereby you are not constantly coming across the same old foe, which can be boring.

Pixel Boy makes gameplay much more rewarding because you are always having to figure out how to outsmart a new enemy almost constantly throughout the game. This also gives you a chance to test out any weapons you have picked up along your journey through the dungeons.

Ranged Enemies and Melee Enemies

Of course, with a variety of foes to pit your wits against, you are going to have to expect to fight not just up and close and personal versus melee enemies, but you are also going to run into your fair share of ranged adversaries.

You will need to practice hard to kill some enemies and at times you will be more than outnumbered. It will be time for you to decide which weapons will be most effective in these circumstances. That also applies to when you are fighting ranged opponents that can be quite tricky when they gang up on you.

On occasion, you will be faced with both range and melee enemies – another awkward situation to figure out.

All this adds to the fun!

State of the Art – Dynamically Changing Levels

You are probably wondering what dynamic levels are. Pixel Boy’s game is never same when you restart a level. When you are thrown back into the dungeon on the same level you left off at, you will not come across the same enemies. The levels also reinvent themselves.

Enemies Change Each Time You Restart or Renter the Dungeon

One of the reasons boy pixel is faced with new enemies on the same level is because the game uses a random generator called “MobMaker 9000”.

The way in which this works is each time the level is reentered, the MobMaker 9000 will generate the rivals that you will come across by randomly selecting them from its gigantic pool of enemies. This means you will almost never relive the same experience although you are still navigating the same terrain.

Beating the Bosses

Overall there are 4 Acts in the game, which are the big bosses. You need to get to Act 4’s big boss to complete the game. This is no easy feat as you will be thrown through levels that are never the same prolonging your progress because you are always learning new things due to the games total randomness.

Strategy and Quick Thinking is Key for Boy Pixel

As you play more often, you will start to get the knack of all the different enemies and how to beat them. This takes time to master. You will also be faced with the decision of which weapons to use versus the new enemy.

After a while you will start to master which weapons are best for which situation. It is all about strategy, but in general you have no time to plan your strategy! It takes a fast mind to quickly figure out an on the spot strategy that will help you progress past each mob trying to stop Boy Pixel from navigating his way through the deep and dark dungeons of Pixel Boy game.

How Do I Get Started?

All you need to do is get an account with Steam Games. If you are not already familiar with Steam, then do a quick Google search. Steam is a gaming coordinator with literally tens of thousands of games to choose from including the famous Dota 2, War Hammer and SIMM City games.

What Tips Do You Have to Learn the Game?

When you have installed the Giant Box Game from Steam and fire it up you will be faced with the main menu. Here you can start a new game or continue a previous game – the latter obviously being if you have already played.

Get started with the tutorial

What’s nice about this game for beginners and newbies is the intro tutorial that fires you up for the real thing. You will be introduced to the technicalities of the game such as the leveling and crafting systems.

You will need to get through the practice tutorial before progressing at which point you can upgrade your current stats. You will then find yourself in a town which is your last stop before entering the dungeons!

Upgradable Stats

Each level you progress through, you will gain more points and as this is game is also an RPG, you as the player get to choose how you will use your skill points.

  • Speed
  • Rate of Fire
  • Damage
  • Health
  • Range

Power Ups

Power Ups are yet another twist adding to the success of this game. At any one time, you will be able to carry with you three Power Ups. All of them are ammo based so there is no time limit places on them at all.

The Power Up is therefore good to go until you have used all the ammo – that makes for interesting game play because if you go crazy to early, you may end up facing enemies with no ammo, which pretty much equates to certain death.

They come in standard styles such as triple shots or large shots. With the crafting system that is built into the game on top of this, you will also be able to combine your power ups. Combining power ups is pretty awesome because you will come across situations where you need the combinations to get through some of the more challenging enemies that you will encounter.

As you play more, you will get the chance to experiment with the different combos and soon become a natural when making the right decisions in every situation you are faced with.

In addition to the combined power ups and ammo based power ups, you will have the chance to use one time power ups. These are super powerful.

  • Room Clear (Great if you are overwhelmingly outnumbered)
  • Time Stop
  • Invulnerability

As mentioned, these one-time power ups cannot be crafted; meaning you cannot combine them as you can with some of the other power ups. If you could, then the game would probably be way to easy due to the sheer power of these onetime beauties.

The Final Verdict

Pixel Boy game developed by Giant Box Games is with no question of a doubt both colorful and entertaining. It is a clever game where you will find that things are never same thanks to its MobMaker 9000 random enemy generator.

It is also customizable. Players can choose their own power ups and decide for themselves the best builds and weapons to use to progress. It really is a game that gets players thinking and making decisions for themselves. This gives you as the player a unique experience.

Randomly generated levels also add to the fun. The game is relatively straight forward when it comes to combat. You use your mouse to point and shoot and you can control Boy Pixel using your WASD keys on your keyboard.

Even more interesting is that each level is randomly generated, both in layout and in the variety of monsters that will spawn. Combat is simple enough in that you move with the WASD keys and point your gun with the mouse.

Weighing it all up, Pixel Boy is a must play game. It is quite unique as we have mentioned just because of the fact that nothing is the same due to the dynamically driven randomness of the game.


How The Trend Of Playing Online Games Has Evolved Over The Years?

Playing An Online Game

Online games are played by almost thousands of people worldwide. The history of online games actually dates back to the 1970s. It was back in 1993 when the internet was truly exposed into the world that finally familiarized people with online games. It was in between the years 1944 and 1945 that computer games were given the granted the ability of internet connectivity. The true history of online games has been ignored by the media from quite a long time, but there is a lot more behind the evolution of online games.

The 70s Era of Online Gaming

An interactive online game by the name of ADVENT gave rise to the era of serious online gaming. In fact it was ADVENT that gave the concept for networked gaming. Much like today, users had already begun playing against each other in virtual worlds, all thanks to networked gaming. Apart from online gaming capabilities, video games also started creating a buzz during the 70s era. Gaming consoles using game cartridges were also introduced during this era as well. Thus online games had quite a lot of competition during those days.

The 80s and 90s Era of Online Gaming

With video and computer games crazily pushing competition aside during the 1980s era, even online games were facing difficulty to be properly noticed. New games during that era that were truly gaining popularity were those that had sounds and graphics that managed to impress. It was during the 1990s when 3D and multimedia technology was introduced that further led to the increasing popularity of games in general and allowed developers to include much advanced features. It was during the 90s era that the internet also started exponentially growing and so the popularity of online games once again began to rise. At this point, not only did online games have highly impressive graphics, but gamers were even given the ability of playing against each other.

Online Gaming in the 21st Century

Today the online games have taken a whole new turn. Today quite a lot of websites are spread all across the web, which feature a significantly huge variety of online games from many different genres. Thus, the way online games are played these days has significantly changed. Playing online super games has in fact become even easier due to the fact that the broadband, high speed internet seems to be accessible to just about everyone these days.

Playing Games Online In This Modern Era

When it comes to playing online super games, playing at the right website is important as well and today, there happen to be plenty of websites where it is possible to play online games. Not only do these websites speedily load, but they also offer quite a variety of games from many different genres, which can instantly be played by any who has an internet connection and for free.

This makes it evident how far online games have evolved and till today, these online games continue evolving day by day. At the right website, people can conveniently and ideally play these online games that keep on regularly evolving in this modern era.

Online entertainment and New Trends


In this new era, internet has a huge role to make the entertainment filed at the top level. Once upon a time when the internet technology was arrived it was very limited and some people have this facility to use it. At that time on internet you can only serve websites but now days you can get internet in every people’s home which are a great thing.

Now people are quite habituating to internet that they even skip Television to watch various shows and the main reason behind this is the Internet. In recent days, people are getting their favorite shows on internet show that they can enjoy it any time they want which is good thing. Before people were normally downloaded videos to watch it but now YouTube and other live video platform provides facility to watch directly on their interface which is quite amazing and time saving.

If you are going online to pass your time then you can find several such sites or channels those which provide quality contents that can entertain you without any obstacle but the only thing you have to that is unlimited net connection and high-speed internet for better video experience. If you want to watch some serious and high-end entertainment likes some popular channels like BBC then you can find free broadcasting on Internet through any media player. You can enjoy your show in your PC or laptop. If you are sport lover then you can also watch live streaming through internet. Overall, internet is the hub of all kind of entertainment.

You can find almost more than thousands of online games which are quite enjoyable and funny. This is obviously a good thing for time pass even young people are playing these games and enjoying. You can find several hosts those provide online games you can directly play these games freely.

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The Best League of Legends Professional Teams

League of Legends Game

The road to success in the League of Legends is marred with endless challenges. The path is not only long but also arduous. Players need to prove their skills by working hard up to the top of the ranking, garner attention from the community of pros and join some of the reigning teams in a specific region. If you are getting started then it can be wise to read more about the best League of Legends Professional Teams so that you can take your skills to the next level.

Each of the regions in the world has its pro league when it comes to the League of Legends game. All the teams tend to be operated and managed by Riots. The salaries of the players are normally paid by the developer in part. America and Europe’s players take part in competitions by the league Championship Series (LCS). The league has two tournaments that have been split and each of them runs for a period of nine weeks. During this duration, the teams in the region have to compete amongst each other several times before the best team is crowned at the end of the season. China and Korea have the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) and League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) respectively. Both the competitions run for a different duration but each of them applies the normal rules of the League of Legends. In both nations, the games are completed at the knockout stages where the best team is determined. Here are some of the top players when it comes to League of Legends include Lee Sang-hyeok and Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg

Lee Sang-hyeok is one of the best players from the nation of Korea. He has been dubbed “Unkillable Demon” by some of his opponents because of the extra ordinary skills that he possesses as far as this game is concerned. His mechanical skills have made him to stand out from other League of Legends players in the Korean League. Hate him or love him, Lee Sang-hyeok is doing what he does best. He has been playing this game for over three years and his skills are simply second to none in the League of Legends. There is a lot to learn from his tactics if you are a novice or even experienced player. To improve your gaming ability, you can read more about him whenever you have time.

Søren Bjerg began playing League of Legends in Copenhagen Wolves. During this time he was considered too young to take part in international competition until he turned 17. However, this did not deter him from improving his skills. Today, he is among the best players in this League. Bjerg has achieved a lot that many players will die dreaming about. He is among the unstoppable professional players when it comes to this game.

In conclusion, the League of Legends has so many professional players from different parts of the globe. Some of the countries that have produced great players include Korea, China, US and UK. There are certain players who have been in the gaming industry for sometime but they are still doing well.

Top 10 of the best free online games that you can play

Need a quick game to play? We know how much your gaming addiction needs to be sated, so we have compiled a list of the best online games that you can play for free! We have grouped together a bunch of games that you can play without any hidden costs, and we have also gotten games from a bunch of different genres. Read through the list, and you will be able to find a game that you can play right now on your web browser.

Doom I

doom-png-hdThe first Doom Game is now available to play on the internet. You can play one of the best survival action games for free, right now on your web browser. The first Doom game may be old school and retro, but it still delivers a lot of familiar thrills that are sure to get your blood pumping as you blast your way through a horde of the hell dimension’s demons.

Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor is a fun free to play rhythm game where you try and match a beat to progress through the levels. This rhythm game is incredibly fast-paced as you only have a fraction of a second to press the key or else you will miss the beat. If you want a rhythm game that is all about skill, then play Rhythm Doctor on your web browser right now.


Play a cartoonish first-person online multiplayer game, by trying out RatzInstagib. This online first-person shooter brings all of the familiar elements of shooting games but delivers them in a low-cost package; most players can play this insanely fast-paced first-person shooter right on the browser.

Red Rogue

A side-scrolling online 2D platforming video game, Red Rogue, rings all of the familiar and unusual elements that make platform games incredibly fun. You play as a Rogue that tries to navigate around various 2D pixel-style levels. This game presents a good challenge, and you can expect a lot of play time out of this free online 2D game.

Fishy Waters

2295864-kbhgames-fishy-watersThis relaxing fishing simulator brings the fun and slow-paced gameplay of the fishery games straight to your web browser. There are no fancy graphics here, but you will still be spending hours of your time trying to catch all of the quirky fish that you can. The fun of Fishy Waters comes from the fact that the gameplay has a great sense of humor, from the fish’s names to the art style of this free browser video game.

Pandemic 2

This simulator is a bit more dark-themed than other types of simulation games. In this browser-based video game, you take control over a virus that is poised to infect and destroy the world. Try and bring on Armageddon as you infect and kill people from different countries. Pandemic 2 can be quite challenging as it can be difficult to spread to enough people, but the fun of this game is overcoming that challenge.

Desktop Tower Defence

Need a good way to pass the time? Nothing beats playing Desktop Tower Defence if you need a good time-killer. This tower defense game puts you in charge of building towers to defend your desktop from attacks. The simple graphics and entertaining gameplay make this an instant classic in free online gaming.

Night Rider Turbo

This driving game puts you behind the wheel of a car that is gradually falling apart. You will have to drive your car to the finish line before it entirely breaks down. The shallow gameplay of this free browser game is worth trying out.