Pac Man Ghostly Adventures

If you thought that Pac Man was going to eventually die a death, then think again. Pac Man is no longer just a maze game with the yellow gobbling ball munching fruit, dots, and ghosts. We are talking about a whole new franchise of Pac Man.

Now before you start thinking this must be an old-style Pac Man game, forget it. This is a modern arcade style Pac Man adventure game jam packed with hero and characters taken from a brand new animated series based on Pac Man himself.

In the beginning, Pac man was an arcade game that was simple to play. It was also as addictive as its competing pin ball machines. In fact, it was great how both Pac Man and Pinball back then made the perfect night of entertainment. Now he is a franchise with toys, animated cartoon, and version 2 of Pac Man Ghostly adventures game has hit the online gaming market.

What is the Pac Man Animated Series?

In the animated cartoon series, Pac Man is a young man that has lost his mum and dad to wars against darker evils – they have left him to go and fight in the Pac Universe leaving him alone to defend Pac World from imminent attacks coming from the Nether world. 

Even though this already sounds like a downer – this is an upbeat game.

Pac Man is always hungry as we would imagine from his early days of always eating, dots, fruit and ghosts. However, add burgers, cheese and many other food types to Pac Mans diet because he has an incasable appetite. 

Pac Man Today

Today, Pac Man’s legacy, and franchise, lives on. Not only do people still play the old version of the game, but there is now a kid’s adventure cartoon set in Pac World, and Pac Man has his very own animated game. 

Animated Game

The animated version of the game very different to the original Pac Man maze style game. It is an adventure in a world of ghosts, Pac Mans friends, and a lot of food. In the game you must unlock levels by traversing a map and gobbling ghosts, super-sized dots to gain more points, and an assortment of food. 

Pac Man also comes with special skills just like you would find in any other game based on a character. He can jump, run, attack, and use special attack moves to wipe ghosts and ghost bosses.