Pixel Boy Game Review on Steam

As we are Pixel Boy Gaming it is high time we blogged about the game we represent. Although we have changed our whole focus to a variety online games, this is the one gamin review you have all been waiting for. We will continue to add more information as we get more comments and requests.

Pixel Boy by Giant Box gamesGiant Box Games

Firstly, a big shout out goes to Giant Box Games who are responsible for creating this amazing adventure game. We will be reviewing the company some more here on Pixel Boy Games in the future. The company have gone from strength to strength and created something that I for one cannot stop playing.

What makes this game design so special is that Giant Box Games have ingeniously created a game that fits into an array genres – meaning it will appeal to a wide audience of gamers. In fact, the more generes you can fir into one game, the more people are inclined to to enjoy new aspects of a game that will open their eyes to other generes – so Pixel Boy game is a big influencer!

An Array of Genres

We couldn’t really decide on one category to put the game in, so here are basically the categories you will find this game placed under:

  • Action
  • RPG
  • Adventure
  • Top-down Shooter
  • RPG
  • Dungeon Crawling

Pixel Boy is an Action RPG Shoot-Em-Up

Themed in a setting that depicts deep and dark dungeons, this is a game that will almost certainly have you hooked. There are literally hours of entertainment packed into this classic dungeon themed adventure.

There are 20 levels with four acts (the ‘acts’ being the big bosses you need to overcome) to navigate to master one Steam Gaming’s most popular shoot-em-games online.

Graphics and Sound Track

Pixel Boy is a top down dungeon crawler which brings a wide variety of enemies and tries to emulate a ‘bullet hell’ experience. Somewhat of low polygon graphics, interactive gameplay, beautiful music and the price of one dollar – sounds like a sick mix to get busy for a few evenings.

6,000 Weapons and Custom Armor

You also get a massive armory of weapons to choose – to be precise, there are over 6,000 weapons in this game – eat your heart out League of Legends and Dota 2!!!

By stacking power ups players will start build up their choice of weapons in no time. The only tough part to this is the decisions you must make to choose the right weapons for each level and situation. You can also customize your own armor to protect yourself from the dangers lurking inside the dungeons of Pixel Boy’s action adventure.

With so many to choose from and to test, you have probably already guessed that this game is stacked with hours of fun.

Countless Enemies to Encounter

One of the most interesting and entertaining sides to Pixel Boy is the sheer number of enemies that you will come across.  A lot of thought and effort has been put into creating a very special type of game whereby you are not constantly coming across the same old foe, which can be boring.

Pixel Boy makes gameplay much more rewarding because you are always having to figure out how to outsmart a new enemy almost constantly throughout the game. This also gives you a chance to test out any weapons you have picked up along your journey through the dungeons.

Ranged Enemies and Melee Enemies

Of course, with a variety of foes to pit your wits against, you are going to have to expect to fight not just up and close and personal versus melee enemies, but you are also going to run into your fair share of ranged adversaries.

You will need to practice hard to kill some enemies and at times you will be more than outnumbered. It will be time for you to decide which weapons will be most effective in these circumstances. That also applies to when you are fighting ranged opponents that can be quite tricky when they gang up on you.

On occasion, you will be faced with both range and melee enemies – another awkward situation to figure out.

All this adds to the fun!

State of the Art – Dynamically Changing Levels

You are probably wondering what dynamic levels are. Pixel Boy’s game is never same when you restart a level. When you are thrown back into the dungeon on the same level you left off at, you will not come across the same enemies. The levels also reinvent themselves.

Enemies Change Each Time You Restart or Renter the Dungeon

One of the reasons boy pixel is faced with new enemies on the same level is because the game uses a random generator called “MobMaker 9000”.

The way in which this works is each time the level is reentered, the MobMaker 9000 will generate the rivals that you will come across by randomly selecting them from its gigantic pool of enemies. This means you will almost never relive the same experience although you are still navigating the same terrain.

Beating the Bosses

Overall there are 4 Acts in the game, which are the big bosses. You need to get to Act 4’s big boss to complete the game. This is no easy feat as you will be thrown through levels that are never the same prolonging your progress because you are always learning new things due to the games total randomness.

Strategy and Quick Thinking is Key for Boy Pixel

As you play more often, you will start to get the knack of all the different enemies and how to beat them. This takes time to master. You will also be faced with the decision of which weapons to use versus the new enemy.

After a while you will start to master which weapons are best for which situation. It is all about strategy, but in general you have no time to plan your strategy! It takes a fast mind to quickly figure out an on the spot strategy that will help you progress past each mob trying to stop Boy Pixel from navigating his way through the deep and dark dungeons of Pixel Boy game.

How Do I Get Started?

All you need to do is get an account with Steam Games. If you are not already familiar with Steam, then do a quick Google search. Steam is a gaming coordinator with literally tens of thousands of games to choose from including the famous Dota 2, War Hammer and SIMM City games.

What Tips Do You Have to Learn the Game?

When you have installed the Giant Box Game from Steam and fire it up you will be faced with the main menu. Here you can start a new game or continue a previous game – the latter obviously being if you have already played.

Get started with the tutorial

What’s nice about this game for beginners and newbies is the intro tutorial that fires you up for the real thing. You will be introduced to the technicalities of the game such as the leveling and crafting systems.

You will need to get through the practice tutorial before progressing at which point you can upgrade your current stats. You will then find yourself in a town which is your last stop before entering the dungeons!

Upgradable Stats

Each level you progress through, you will gain more points and as this is game is also an RPG, you as the player get to choose how you will use your skill points.

  • Speed
  • Rate of Fire
  • Damage
  • Health
  • Range

Power Ups

Power Ups are yet another twist adding to the success of this game. At any one time, you will be able to carry with you three Power Ups. All of them are ammo based so there is no time limit places on them at all.

The Power Up is therefore good to go until you have used all the ammo – that makes for interesting game play because if you go crazy to early, you may end up facing enemies with no ammo, which pretty much equates to certain death.

They come in standard styles such as triple shots or large shots. With the crafting system that is built into the game on top of this, you will also be able to combine your power ups. Combining power ups is pretty awesome because you will come across situations where you need the combinations to get through some of the more challenging enemies that you will encounter.

As you play more, you will get the chance to experiment with the different combos and soon become a natural when making the right decisions in every situation you are faced with.

In addition to the combined power ups and ammo based power ups, you will have the chance to use one time power ups. These are super powerful.

  • Room Clear (Great if you are overwhelmingly outnumbered)
  • Time Stop
  • Invulnerability

As mentioned, these one-time power ups cannot be crafted; meaning you cannot combine them as you can with some of the other power ups. If you could, then the game would probably be way to easy due to the sheer power of these onetime beauties.

The Final Verdict

Pixel Boy game developed by Giant Box Games is with no question of a doubt both colorful and entertaining. It is a clever game where you will find that things are never same thanks to its MobMaker 9000 random enemy generator.

It is also customizable. Players can choose their own power ups and decide for themselves the best builds and weapons to use to progress. It really is a game that gets players thinking and making decisions for themselves. This gives you as the player a unique experience.

Randomly generated levels also add to the fun. The game is relatively straight forward when it comes to combat. You use your mouse to point and shoot and you can control Boy Pixel using your WASD keys on your keyboard.

Even more interesting is that each level is randomly generated, both in layout and in the variety of monsters that will spawn. Combat is simple enough in that you move with the WASD keys and point your gun with the mouse.

Weighing it all up, Pixel Boy is a must play game. It is quite unique as we have mentioned just because of the fact that nothing is the same due to the dynamically driven randomness of the game.